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Tecnorulli leader nella produzione di rivestimenti per rulli grafici ed industriali

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Data: Giovedì 13 giugno 2013
Polyurethane Coatings Tecnosint H
Polyurethane Coatings Tecnosint H

The polyurethane compounds Tecnosint H, produced in the new Polyurethane Center recently opened at the headquarters Tecnorulli of Bologna, are designed for the coating of rollers and cylinders in mechanical applications demanding, with hardness ranging from 60 ° ShA, to 95 ° ShA.
Thanks to the collaboration with an established research laboratory, these coatings have a combination of properties which makes them very versatile and suited to the qualitative demands of many industrial sectors. The series Tecnosint H adds to good mechanical characteristics (tensile strength, abrasion resistance and tear resistance), excellent resistance to mineral oils and aromatic, also a good elasticity both at medium temperature (80/85 ° C) that at low temperature (-30 ° C).

The coatings available are: Tecnosint H60, H65, H70, H75, H80, H85, H90, H92 and H95
Standard colors available: Orange, green and blue;
Extra colors: yellow, purple and black.

Ratings on applications

In consideration of the particular physical / mechanical properties of these coatings, and in virtue of a favorable quality / price ratio, can become convenient in many cases use the Tecnosint H in replacement of rubber or plastic, or even steel.

Advantages of replacement rubber coverings with Tecnosint H

Compared to the rubber compounds normally used for coating rollers and wheels between 60 and 95 Shore A with polyurethane coatings are obtained:

tensile strength between 2 and 4 times greater;
elongation at break of 2 to 4 times greater;
loss in abrasion by rubbing up to 10 times lower;
abrasion loss in cutting up to 10 times lower;
loss in abrasion from bumps up to 8 times less.

Benefits of replacing plastics with Tecnosint H

The polyurethanes can replace many plastics with advantages deriving mainly from greater resistance to abrasion, impact, bending, in virtue of an excellent elastic memory, of a lower intrinsic fragility, of a higher elongation at break. These qualities are also found in polyurethanes with higher hardness. At these high hardness, polyurethanes can be considered as the bridge between the limiting characteristics of the best rubber compounds and plastics, while maintaining respect to the latter, excellent elastic properties and elongation.

Protection of metals

The metal cores coated with Tecnosint H are protected against abrasion, oxidation and mechanical stress, and elastic coating that also possesses the ability to dampen mechanical stress and the classic "pings".
By varying the coefficient of friction with both the formulation and mechanical devices, it promotes the coupling of conveyor belts, abrasive, paper and cardboard, plastic and cardboard paper rolls, pallets, boxes and wooden crates.
Some formulations drastically reduce the consumption of metal parts affected by grit blasting.