In addition to our excellent roller coverings, we also offer new cores of all types, such as heating and cooling rollers and special designs.
Our supply also includes fiber conical sleeves, the corresponding support mandrels and lightweight rollers made of composite material.
Our service also includes the supply of accessories like bearings.


Correctly balanced rollers increase the service life of coatings and add-on parts, improve product quality as well as increasing the efficiency of the equipment. We document the check and balancing in a protocol which we provide to you.


In addition to the coverings of rollers, Tecnorulli offers inspection and repair of your old cores. Bales, pins or axles and the fits, attachments, such as bearings, bearing housings, fixed and sealing rings, covers, etc., are checked. We will provide an individual cost estimate for the repair or replacement of the defective parts. On request, we can also send pictures with the core damage.
The offered work will be carried out professionally after approval of the cost estimate. The cores are then covered and finished.


Grooving or profiling of the roll coverings is required for numerous applications. Our variable manufacturing lines allow us to produce a wide variety of grooves and profiled patterns, such as notches, threads and rhombuses. The depth and width of these profiles are designed according to your specifications and the properties of the coatings used.
We meet the most diverse geometrical requirements with our specials programmable grinding machines. Cylindrical, domed or concave grindings, trapezoidal, double trapezoidal, corrugations, recesses and broadly ground grooves can be realised.


Heavy-duty rolls often show damage to the surface. These include, for example, grooves, incisions and changes due to abrasion as well as adhering production residues. The coverings may be swollen by the fluids used or may be damaged by thermal loads on the covering surface. Production-related changes of the surface roughness may also require the coating to be reground.
A precise definition of the surface quality, the required roughness and a minimum diameter are required for the professional processing of your rolls.


Our dispatchers are happy to organise your transport – nationally, EU and worldwide. The transport is carried out with our own vehicles as well as with transport companies.