2 September 2020

New IparTec®

IparTec is the result of studies in collaboration with the main producers of raw materials in the sector and tests with major printers. A special and innovative surface treatment which guarantees the metering rollers unique performances.

IparTec has a very high chemical inertia which makes it suitable for contact with all the products in the press room. Any emulsion deposits do not create modifications of the roller surface, both with conventional and UV inks.

The highly water-repellent surface guarantees a water transfer constant and stable over time.

This also leads to a 30 to 50% reduction in roller speed compared to a traditional roller

The IparTec shows a mechanical and chemical resistance  such as to guarantee a much longer life-time than other similar rollers on the market.

IparTec is the ideal solution for machines that have a metering roller directly in contact with the dampening solution (KBA, HEIDELBERG, MITSUBISHI, etc), which work with low percentages of alcohol (IPA <5%) and who want to achieve top printing performance (quality and speed).

While ensuring high chemical resistance, IparTec is recommended in combination with the innovative SPRAY DAMP (first washing product applied by spray)