The coatings of polyurethane rollers and wheels have become increasingly important in all sectors of industry in recent years.
The superior price / performance ratio offered by polyurethane makes it highly competitive with many traditional rubber and plastic coatings.
The exceptional chemical-physical resistances of polyurethane polymers also open the way to new technological applications previously unattainable using rubber or plastics.
Depending on the different applications, and the mechanical or chemical stresses to which rollers or wheels are subjected, coatings with the following characteristics can be used:

  • Abrasion resistance;
  • tensile strength;
  • cut resistance;
  • excellent acoustic and stress damping to mechanical parts;
  • very high load capacity;
  • resistance to linear, intermittent and continuous pressures;
  • chemical inertia with respect to oils and fats;
  • resistance to paints, inks, gasolines and petroleum solvents;
  • stability in contact with ozone;
  • resistance to light and atmospheric agents;
  • high chemical and physical stability in the temperature range from - 20 to + 80 degrees

Polyurethane compounds are available in the hardness range from 20 to 95 Shore A3.
Tecnorulli polyurethane coatings are obtained with highly selected raw materials produced by the world's most qualified suppliers and are the result of forty years of experience in casting formulations.
Thanks also to the collaboration relationships established with the major research laboratories in the sector, Tecnorulli follows the constant evolution of technical research, ensuring customers a continuous technical and qualitative progress in the characteristics of their coatings.
The monitoring of production processes and parameters, followed by a careful control of the finished materials in compliance with the UNI - ISO Standards, ensures perfect consistency of the quality of the coatings.

 Main compounds available


Superior mechanical characteristics. High resistance to abrasion, tearing and high loads. Good elasticity. Antioil. Thermal resistance up to 85 ° C.


The only material with medium and low hardness to offer great mechanical resistance to solvents, paints, enamels and oils. Great elasticity and great cut resistance. Ideal coatings for tin painting


(hardness 20 to 55 Shore A3)

Medium / low hardness polyurethanes that have good mechanical and elastic properties compared to rubber of the same hardness; excellent resistance to mineral oils, including aromatic ones, very compact surface. For more info go to the “metal coating” section.

Available compounds: K17, L28, L35, L45, L50, L55, LX 3/4/5/6, LXR
Available also in antistatic version

Series Tecnosint H 

Tecnosint H polyurethane compounds are designed for the coating of rollers and cylinders in heavy mechanical applications; hardness range is from 60 ° ShA to 95 ° ShA.

Thanks also to the collaboration with an well-known research laboratory, these coatings have a combination of properties that makes them very versatile and particularly suitable for the requirements of many industrial sectors. Tecnosint H adds to excellent mechanical characteristics (very high tensile strength, very high resistance to abrasion and tearing) and excellent resistance to mineral oils, also good elasticity both at medium temperature (80/85 ° C) and at low temperature (-30 ° C).
Standard colours: orange, blue e black antistatic
Optional colours: yellow, violet e green.


Thanks to the Jont-venture with Hannecard, our company produces the prestigious Monkal polyurethane compounds, studied and developed in the laboratories of our partner HANNECARD.
These coatings are characterized by high dimensional stability, surface homogeneity, high abrasion and cutting resistance, and finally, these coatings are easy to grind, especially with the New TecnoGrinder ® grinding machine, produced exclusively by Tecnorulli.

Compounds available

Monkal 5 series JL
Transparent neutral color, hardnesses 50, 55 and 60 Shore A

The Monkal JL series is based on the Hannecard KNOW-HOW, using products formulated exclusively by our partners. This series of coatings is characterized by excellent mechanical properties, high cut resistance, good application and excellent price / quality ratio. Its exceptional mechanical resistance, much higher than any rubber-based coating and which does not expire significantly in contact with the paints presents on the market, allows long runs.

Monkal 4 series JLX
Havana color, hardnesses 50, 55 and 60 Shore A

A series of very high-quality coatings for painting. Excellent mechanical characteristics, high elasticity and excellent grinding ability allow it to be used in high-quality paint.
Good solvent resistance allows the use of MONKAL coatings on painters with reserves.
Excellent paint application and surface wettability characteristics also make it possible to apply thick and uniform coatings with complex paints or enamels.

Advantages of replacing rubber coatings with polyurethane

Compared to the common rubber used in the rollers and wheels coating between 60 and 95 Shore A, polyurethane coating provides:

  • tensile strength 2 to 5 times greater;
  • elongation at break 2 to 6 times greater;
  • up to 10 times less friction abrasion loss;
  • cutting abrasion loss up to 15 times lower;
  • up to 10 times less impact abrasion loss.

These and other features combined with an exceptional resistance to oils and solvents make the polyurethane coating as well as competitive, indispensable applications

Advantages of replacing plastic with polyurethane

Polyurethanes can replace many plastics with advantages due to resistance to abrasion, impact, flexion, due to excellent elastic memory, less intrinsic fragility, greater elongation at break, qualities maintained even with high hardness.
Polyurethane can be considered the bridge that combines properties of the best rubbers and the best plastic materials. It maintains excellent elasticity and elongation qualities even at very high hardness. These features are achieved thanks to the specific elastomeric matrix of the polyurethane molecules.

Metal protection

The polyurethane coated metal cores are protected against abrasion, oxidation and mechanical stress. The elastomeric coating also has the ability to reduce mechanical stress and noise.
The variation of the friction coefficient, obtained with specific formulations or with mechanical devices, allows the use of polyurethane for the traction of: conveyor belts, abrasive belts, paper and cardboard sheets, paper and plastic coils, wooden crates and boxes
Some special formulations drastically reduce the consumption of metal parts affected by sandblasting grit.

Maximum dimensions

Total roller length 3.850 mm.
Coating diameter 600 mm.
Total roller weight 1300 Kg
Total volume of covering 100 dm3

Covenrigns tollerances

Until Φ 150 mm
Diameter +/- 0,02 mm.
run-out +/- 0,02 mm.
Cylindricity +/- 0,02 mm.

Over Φ 150 mm
Diameter +/- 0,05 mm.
run-out +/- 0,02 mm.
Cylindricity +/- 0,05 mm.