After a long experience in web offset printing, Tecnorulli’s R&D has developed the new SAK W Series, designed especially for the extreme demands of heatset web presses. Tecnorulli technicians have focused their attention on improving SAK W compounds so as to produce millions of copies and reduce the roller’s maintenance. The new SAK W coverings, offer excellent performance in machines working at very high speeds. The printers that use Tecnorulli rollers have improved the quality of their printing and have minimized rollers replacement.

  • The key point of SAK W compounds and printing rollers are:
  • Excellent mechanical features;
  • High dynamic properties
  • Low heat build-up
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • High dimensional stability
  • Good wear and resistance to ageing

Next are listed main compounds:

Technical features of Blankets and Chemicals can be found in the dedicated  section CAUCCIU’ E CHIMICI PER LA STAMPA

Kinyo Themis

Damp Wash, Spray Damp

Dampening additivs:
Vegra Alco Damp Red 3232

SAK W3336 ShA

BLACK – inking and distributors rollers

SAK W4346 ShA

BLACK – inking and distributors rollers


Dark blue – metering and dampening rollers


Dark blue – low hardness metering rollers