Tecnorulli submits all its products to a strict control and testing a certain procedures the suitability for use for which they were designed; Tecnorulli guarantees that the product sold is without any defects and complies with the declared technical specifications.
The warranty period is


(Registered in the transport documentation)

The warranty does not cover :

  • damages caused by transportation and handling with inadequate means;
  • damages due to incorrect installation and / or adjustment;
  • damages caused by improper conditions of use and / or storage;
  • damages or failures caused by the lack of maintenance or use of products incompatible with our materials;
  • what can be considered normal deterioration for use.

  • The warranty covers only and exclusively the value of the material supplied by Tecnorulli. No other charges will be accepted (direct and indirect loss of profits, downtime, assembly and disassembly costs, transfers, etc …)
  • The warranty is not valid for cylinder-only grinding operations and for the reparation or modification of metal and/or mechanical parts.
  • In particular, in the event of a dispute and after ascertaining the responsibility of Tecnorulli, the warranty only covers the restoration of the original coating or the replacement with a new product / rubber.
  • Tecnorulli may apply coatings to rollers that are not covered by the warranty when the Customer enforces the use of a compound, unlike those recommended by the Company’s technical specialists. In these cases, Tecnorulli undertakes to warn the customer in advance of the theoretical and practical inadequacy of the chosen coating.
  • In case of sending to Tecnorulli any claimed rollers, it is necessary for the validity of the warranty, to attach the Testing Certificate applied on the primary packaging of each roller.
  • Tecnorulli will not recognize further guarantees, except those listed here. No representative, collaborator or reseller is authorized to assume other responsibilities in the name and on behalf of Tecnorulli.
  • The guarantee does not apply if the customer is defaulting.
  • All Tecnorulli products are covered by Civil liability guarantee provided by a primary insurance company.
  • For any controversy that should arise, the Court of Bologna is competent.