The compounds of the SAK S series, for inking and distributor rollers, offer excellent chemical resistance and durability characteristics in the most demanding operating conditions, guaranteeing high and constant print quality. The formulations, developed by the technical staff of the TECNORULLI Rubber Compound Division in collaboration with the major printers and machine manufacturers, guarantee:

  • Excellent resistance to abrasion and oxidation;
  • Low heat build-up;
  • Long time dimensional stability;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Excellent elasticity and surface softness;
  • High uniformity in the distribution of the ink

SAK S compounds can be used with HYBRID inks, after technical verification by the Tecnorulli laboratory.
Main compounds available:

Technical features of Blankets and Chemicals can be found in the dedicated section

Kinyo Artemis, Kinyo Europa, Kinyo Eos, TecnoBlankets C201, TecnoBlankets C136

Tecnowash G42, Autowash G65, Vegra Rapid Wash, Damp Wash, Spray Damp, Tecno 8179, Vegra Roller Shampoo

Dampening additivs:
Vegra Blue 3300 – 3300dhVegra Alco Damp Blue 3838, Vegra Sicco Solution 3521

SAK S2525ShA

Gray – loew hardness ink and distributor rollers

SAK S3030ShA

Gray – ink and distributor rollers

SAK S3535ShA

Gray – high performance ink and distributor rollers

SAK S4040ShA

Gray – ink and distributor rollers