The most recent Offset machines are equipped with dampening systems that require the use of low or zero IPA; rubber rollers, metering or transfer, are therefore even more fundamental, they have evolved to guarantee the necessary water flow and the best spreading of the dampening solution. The new coverings of series IPAR HYDROFILM, successfully tested by prestigious printers, transport the dampening solution with great regularity and constancy, creating a uniform film both in the presence of low IPA and with ZERO IPA.

These coatings are based on a special mix of high quality polymers that make them resistant to the water/ink emulsion, alcohol and dampening additives; they are easy to clean from oxidations often caused by the use of poor quality additives. The new IPAR HYDROFILM coatings show better wettability even with zero alcohol and extremely easy set-up.
The latest addition to the series deserves special mention: the IPARTEC coating. Born from a study on composite materials, the IPARTEC roller is used as metering and guarantees an excellent water flow rate combined with an exceptional chemical inertia, a remarkable ease of cleaning and a stability and durability higher than the average of the other rollers.


Dark blue – Metering rollers for conventional inks with low Alcohol – IPA 5 to 8%


Dark blue
Metering rollers for conventional inks with low or ZERO Alcohol – IPA <5%


Dark blue
Dampening rollers for conventional inks.
Metering rollers for conventional and UV


Dark blue
High mechanical properties – Metering rollers for conventional and UV inks


Special metering rollers specific for UV inks


Metering rollers for conventional and UV inks. Ideal for mixed use. Specific for ZERO alcohol – IPA < 3%