The growing market demands for UV printed items have pushed more and more companies to combine this type of printing with the conventional one. Hence the need to have rollers capable of being used with both conventional and UV inks.
The compounds of the SAK M series meet the needs of printers who use U.V. inks or paints. alternately with conventional inks.
The new SAK M series guarantees:

  • High chemical resistance to UV inks for paper (no limit of use)
  • Good chemical resistance to UV inks for plastic (recommended use 35%)
  • Low oxidation
  • Easy colour change (conventional / UV)
  • Excellent dimensional stability

The SAK M coatings allow the continuous use of hybrid inks.
Next are listed main compounds available:

Technical features of Blankets and Chemicals can be found in the dedicated  section

Kinyo Saturn, Kinyo MC5000R

Tecnosolv UV/M, Damp Wash, Spray Damp, Tecno 8179, Vegra Roller Shampoo

Dampening additivs:
Vegra Blue 3300 – 3300dh
Vegra Alco Damp Blue 3838

SAK M3135ShA

Black color – Inking and dampening rollers

SAK M4145ShA

Black color – Inking and distributor rollers