The UV printing sector has grown more and more in recent decades until it currently assumes considerable importance in the paper converting and metal packaging. Thanks to the collaboration with the main printers, Tecnorulli has always been at the forefront having developed the special compounds of the TECNOLAST V series with high resistance to UV inks and washing solvents, often very aggressive.
TECNOLAST V compounds main features:

  • High dynamic characteristics
  • Excellent grinding capacity,
  • Excellent inking properties,
  • High dimensional stability during the time,
  • Very low heat build-up
  • Great mechanical and aging resistance.

All the compounds of the TECNOLAST V series are very sensitive to conventional inks and fatty solvents so much that they cannot be used with them even for very short periods.

Technical features of Blankets and Chemicals can be found in the dedicated  section

Kinyo Olympia UV, Kinyo MC1200 Apollo, TecnoBlankets V501

Tecnosolv/UVS, Tecnosolv UV60, UV Fast Wash, Damp Wash, Tecno 8179, Vegra Roller Shampoo

Dampening additivs:
Vegra Blue 3300 – 3300dh, Vegra Alco Damp Blue 3838


Light brown – special low hardness, inking and dampening rollers


Light brown – inking and dampening rollers


Light brown – inking and distributor rollers